Easter Activities



Hi everyone,

We hope you are all well and keeping safe. 

Over the Easter holiday, we thought we would just post some fun practical activities which you could do, if you wish. Please do not feel like you need to, these are just some fun ideas to help over the coming weeks. 

It would be lovely to see or recieve photos or videos of the children completing activities as it is odd not seeing them every day!

Enjoy and have a lovely Easter! 

Easter Treasure Hunt!

Below are some treasure hunt clues. I have made them using symbols, so the children should be able to access them independently around the house. 

If they want to go outside to, hide things around the garden, and then tell the the number of objects that they need to find! 

Easter Craft Ideas

Easter songs! - Click the video for a selection of different Easter songs to enjoy

The Kiboomers! Easter Songs!

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