Monday 8th February 2021 Write your own beachcomber story

Tuesday 9th February 2021


Take a look at the discussion card pictures. What can you see happening? How do you think it has happened? Is it ok? 


Plastic that is not being recycled properly is making it's way into the Earth's oceans, damaging habitats and hurting animals.


What do you think we should do to stop this pollution and damage from happening?

Take a look at the second power point (ways to help stop plastic) for ideas about how we can reduce plastic use.


Which ideas do you think are good?


Your task- create a poster about plastic in our oceans.

You can choose to

  • create a poster describing damage to the oceans (stop throwing away plastic)
  • create a poster asking people to look after our oceans
  • create a poster encouraging others to use one of the methods for reducing plastic
  • create a poster with a mixture


I have also included a word document with some example posters.

Wednesday 10th February PE challenge card (underlined tasks have hyperlink to a website for more information/video). Select 2-3 challenges.

Thursday 11th February 2021 End of unit quiz


Please visit


Enter the game pin  01740018


Then, have a go at answer the Beachcombers knowledge quiz. 

Please type your first name in the name box. Nicknames are fun but I won't know who anyone is!


How much can you remember? I have selected 15 questions from different parts of our curriculum learning.


I look forward to seeing what you can remember.


Have fun :) 

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