Friday 29th January 2021 Fossil Friday

Thursday 28th January- Watch how fossils are formed and found along the Jurassic Coast

Wednesday 27th January PE Challenge- select 2/3 of the challenges from the card. Make a list of the challenges you have chosen and award yourself 10 points for each completed challenge

Tuesday 26th January 2021 Coastal features

For your PSHE learning today, I would like you to think about jobs that people do in the wider world.


Last week you did a fantastic job thinking about people who have chosen to work in our school and what they do.


This week, we are going to start by thinking about the jobs people in our family do. These can be paid jobs (where they earn a wage) jobs at home or voluntary work. 


Please draw and label the jobs different members of your family do. You will find an example on the word document of how to record your ideas.


After that, I would like you to think about other jobs that you know about. I have attached some question cards to help you think about other jobs if you need some help. Please draw and record these jobs in a second list.

There is a sheet attached if you would like to copy it onto paper or print it if you have the option/would like to.


Mrs Morris smiley

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