As you now know our new topic is all about life in Roman Britain. We will be finding out about when the Romans invaded Britain and how they settled into life here. 

As we have been looking at non-chronological reports in term 1. In preparation for next term I would like you to research and write a non-chronological report on one aspect of Roman life. Choose between the topics below:

  • family
  • school 
  • homes
  • food

We will be finding out more about these when we return.


Remember!!! non-chronological reports contain lots of facts and information.

W/C: 12.10.2020

In our topic we have been learning about lot's of different predators and what they look like. We haven't yet found out what they are like on the inside! 

I would like you to start with watching this video looking at the human skeleton. 

On an A4 sheet of paper:

  • Draw a human skeleton and label all the bones you see in the video. (Challenge: Can you find out any more?)
  • On the other side, have a go at drawing a cat skeleton, and research some similarities and differences between a cats skeleton and a human skeleton. 

At the end include a sentence on what skeletons are for. 

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