2's Nursery Room

Nursery 2's and 3's have been also working on family and friendship. We have been playing games identifying different emotions then showing our friends the faces.

We have drawn pictures for our family to make them happy.

Whilst playing we have remembered to share our toys with others alongside encouraging  social distancing where possible and appropriate, for example, by using our own personal play dough.

Morning songs

Have a Good Morning, Have a Good Day

A fun song to wake up with a smile

The Weather Song

Have a look outside, play in the garden, pack a picnic? Share today's weather and have lots of fun!

Makaton Topic - DAYS OF THE WEEK - Singing Hands

A fun way to learn the days of the week

What happens when we go to sleep - Den Building

School remains open for children whose parents are key workers or who are vulnerable and now open for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. If you require a place please contact the school office for more information.